Back to it.

See what I did there? No, as you don’t know, and why should you, that I’ve been a little bit slowed down by a bad back. Nothing terminal, nothing than a lot of people haven’t suffered and, in my case, it will get better, and no I don’t want sympathy (actually, I do, I just don’t get any). And, since you ask, it’s a muscle spasm brought on by stress/bad posture/weight/alcohol (I lied about the last one but it’s none of the other three, either).

 Anyway, being a company (as opposed to self employed) one has to plough on so I did and I’m glad I did.

 We run a wide and varied lot of programmes here, which keeps you on your toes (painful when you have a bad back, easy if you’re a ballerina) but the variety shows you lots and teaches you more.  Two training programmes stand out. The Social Media programme was interesting; in a room of seven delegates, only one had a grip on the “Big Three” but only on two of them. The others “kind of used” the others but the lack of knowledge of Twitter, FaceBook (aka FaceAche) and LinkedIn as actually refreshing. Also what was refreshing was, at the end of the day, all were keen to get better use out of what is there to be used.

 Then it was a Business Writing day. My comment of the month, maybe the year, was “At last, I know how to use a semi-colon!”. I was surprised that most delegates were firstly so keen to learn grammar, which they were, but also that they hadn’t really been taught this before. And, boy, did they pick up and run with this knowledge; their confidence, because they knew the “rules”, took them to completely re-writing press releases in front of me and coming up with some great, punchy copy. And as it all down to me? No, it was all down to grammar.

 Every day is a day at school. Which I have said before. But if it gets us away from twaddle like this:

 “Please browse the site to see our full range of services, we can remain customer focused and goal-directed, innovate and be an inside out organisation which facilitates sticky web-readiness transforming turnkey eyeballs to brand 24/365 paradigms with benchmark turnkey channels implementing viral e-services and dot-com action-items while we take that action item off-line and raise a red flag and remember to touch base…”

 Or even...


“The council’s Train To Gain programmes has been well received within the Isle of Wight council with recent pilot with leisure staff leading to the future expectation of this would be to have this project open to all departments of the council and have people directly referred through self-referral and the PDR cycle.”

... then my work here is done.

 Like the use of ellipses there?